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Book of Man

Client: Rob Marr

In this single page Storyboard service we responded to a narrative written by the musician Rob Marr for his new album and podcast Book of Man. Part historical record, part memory and part fiction, the story interweaves narrative and song writing to bring to life a multi-generational struggle with a chance, problematic inheritance. We created a storyboard version of a pivotal moment as part of an imaginary film that adapts Book of Man for the big screen. If the film was ever to be made we'd only make one change to Rob's already compelling, beautiful story. Instead of the reality of a life cut short, Rob's father would live on in this fictional version of events - eventually finding the comfort he deserves. 

Rob said: "With TV is a brilliant and startling idea, beautifully executed. I love the aesthetic of the drawings and it’s a privilege to be one of their first clients"

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