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Beg Forgiveness, Not Permission

Client: Ceri Hand

In this Storyboard service we created an idea for a short film based on a true story from Ceri's childhood where her parents dressed her up in a paper mache petrol pump outfit for a school fancy dress party at the age of 7. We transformed this early experience into source of pride - one that actually inspired the fictional version of Ceri to become a leading climate change activist. In the film 'Ceri' works undercover to expose how a leading oil company was green washing their reputation while secretly developing new oil fields in the global south. In the scenes visualised in the storyboard Ceri is leading a protest and deliberately getting herself arrested so that she can raise the profile of her campaign. She ends up defending herself in court and publicly shaming the company into action. 

Ceri said: "This is honestly the best thing I've ever received through the post. The process is really simple - I wrote an outline of a memory from my past and WITH TV went to work. I love the drawings and the amazing letter that came with them. I really recommend the service - I can't wait to see how WITH TV develops"

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